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Personalized Vitamin

Currently, it is not wrong to say that taking vitamins is like fashion. Some people take vitamins because they think it will make their skin look beautiful. Some people take vitamins because they think their body lacks them. Moreover, vitamins are easy to purchase. Whenever you feel the need to take vitamins, you can find them at the convenience store near your house. (However,) The questions are:

Why are you taking vitamins?

Does your body really lack the vitamins that you take?

Is the amount that you take really suitable for your body?

We believe that everyone cannot definitely answer these questions...if you take vitamins just because you feel the need to take them, not from the result of a medical examination, we are ready to become your advisor to take care of you to receive the vitamin supplements that your body actually needs from a standard examination and personalized pharmacy to suit your body systematically.

True vitamin level
Vitamins are useful and important for the body. When there is a shortage of vitamins, your body will become weak, get sick easily, worn out, and deteriorate. We normally receive vitamins from the 5-food groups in the appropriate quantity. Therefore, if we consume non-chemical protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, and fat in the amount that is adequate for our body, the vitamin supplements are not needed anymore. However, at present, not many people can do that. So, vitamin supplements are necessary for healthcare.
Our bodies are different. The needs for vitamins are also different. The ready-made vitamins that are distributed generally have the same formula, which means that everyone who takes each vitamin tablet will receive the same quantity of vitamins. However, our body needs different quantities. If your body needs many types of vitamins, you have to take more vitamin tablets. The elements of each ready-made vitamin may contain duplicate vitamins and minerals, which cause the body to receive an excess quantity of vitamins. Also, without good consideration, the vitamins that you take might not be enough for your body. Therefore, vitamin supplements that you buy might not respond to the needs of your body and may cause the liver and kidney to work hard.

So, if you feel that your body should receive vitamin supplements for good health or to recover the body from illness, consult the anti-aging doctor to check the level of vitamins and minerals of each individual to know which types of vitamins your body needs or if you have too much and allow the doctor to choose the vitamins that you should receive properly

Vitamins just for you (Personalized Pharmacy)

When the doctor has talked, interviewed, and analyzed the problems of each individual, and received the results of the vitamin levels that you need or have too much of, the doctor will provide you with the personalized pharmacy. The vitamins that are prescribed by the doctor will be prepared by expert pharmacists under the production of companies with international standards, in order to obtain the vitamins that are especially for you. The period for taking vitamins is not definite and depends on the lifestyle of each individual. If you can have meals with clean and safe food in adequate quantity, you can reduce or stop taking the personalized vitamins. On the other hand, if you feel that you cannot have complete meals and want to keep taking vitamins, you can do so with no bad effects because the vitamin supplements are prepared in the proportion according to the needs of each person. After receiving the vitamin supplements, the doctor will schedule periodic follow-up appointments in order to adjust the proportion of vitamins as deemed appropriate. In some cases, a blood test is needed to see the results of taking the vitamins. Mostly, apart from the laboratory results, the doctor will know the benefits from taking the vitamin supplements from the story of patients who notice changes in various aspects. All of this is a guarantee that the personalized pharmacy is very important for the lives of everyone.

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