Correct and comprehensive diabetes treatment

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Correct and comprehensive diabetes treatment

Correct and comprehensive diabetes treatment

Diabetes is a result of unhealthy consumption and lifestyle. Therefore, medications alone cannot solely heal the symptoms. Integrative medicine combines various treatment methods to correct the abnormality at the root-cause and producing the optimal result for every patient. 

Integrative treatment for diabetes 

Medications can only regulate the blood sugar level but does not directly improve the patient’s condition. Just medications and only a small change in lifestyle variables are not enough to make any improvements. Medical care, together with adjustment in all aspects of life, such as cell rejuvenation, proper dietary, detoxification and exercise are important factors to effectively treat diabetes. Our main treatment methods include:

  1. Re-balancing metabolism: The physician analyzes minerals, necessary nutrients, the hormone systems, then prescribes vitamin, mineral and hormone replacement to re-balance the body functions.

  1. Detoxification: Heavy metals impede insulin functions and bring about insulin resistance. Chelation therapy improves diabetes-associated cardiovascular conditions. Research has found that chelation therapy prevents cardiovascular complications with statistical significance among general patients and diabetes patients.

  1. Personalized vaccine: It is beneficial for the treatment of diseases associated with cell deterioration, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, as the vaccine prevents cell deterioration and delays disease formation. Most chronic diseases widely destroy body cells and the dead cells cause immunity abnormalities, self-resistance plus cellular destruction, resulting in diseases quickly developing.

  1. Specific and personalized diets: Carbohydrates should not exceed 10% of daily caloric intake, HDL 70%, and good protein 10-20%, respectively. Dietary change can quickly and safely heal diabetes by approximately 48-57%. The patient should regularly check blood sugar and ketone levels and strictly follow the recommendations from experts on medications and dietary adjustment according to the blood test results.

  2. Peptide and Mesenchymal Stromal cell: In 2017, the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami announced that the first diabetes patient in its clinical Mesenchymal Stromal cell trial has stopped taking insulin after islets cell transplant with scaffold technique. It means in the future, type 1 diabetes can be treated with cell transplant. At present, many companies are conducting cell research for type 1 and type 2 diabetes treatments. In Thailand synthetic and natural peptide from cell tissue are being researched for chronic disease treatment purposes. Medications with properties similar to peptide from thymus gland like thymosin peptide are used to boost immunity in patients with cancer. ity abnormalities, self-resistance, and even more cellular destruction, resulting in diseases quickly developing.

Homeopathic medicines from peptide extracts are registered as dietary supplement, such as heart dilution, internal organ dilution and more. Association of CPT/FCT Therapy, Thailand, recommends peptide in the form of medications under the physician’s prescription. It is not clear how peptide heals deteriorated organs, but clinical studies and evidence-based researches confirm the effectiveness of peptide. Russian researchers have analyzed how peptide repairs nervous cells which is the main function of biomedical emporium Nucleic acid Therapy.

In addition, change of lifestyle, exercise, stress management, abstain from smoking plus alcohol and most importantly, dietary adjustment based on medical principles, can effectively treat diabetes. New evidence from studies found that 60-70% of habit change can relieve diabetes symptoms, reduce half of medication intake, decrease insulin injection and heal metabolic syndrome. At Absolute Health, our treatment methods prioritize on habitual changes and physical rehabilitation for optimal results in treating diabetes. Many of our patients have stopped taking medications and insulin injections (initially being dependent for more than 1 year). We have achieved extremely positive results through our diabetes treatment pathways.

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