SLE Fighter ... Our life has a choice Khun Phraophalin Benchaphonthanawat

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SLE Fighter ... Our life has a choice Khun Phraophalin Benchaphonthanawat
SLE Fighter ... Our life has a choice  Khun Phraophalin Benchaphonthanawat

I am a patient who never thought I would be sick with this disease called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) or what Thai people call Phum Phuang Disease. I used to have a normal life, like normal people. I was healthy and could do activities like normal. I could go to the temple, study, or travel aboard with no problems. I was not expecting to be like I am now. Today, I am writing to tell you my story. Like I said, before I discovered I had SLE, I was healthy. I could do any activity like other normal people. I was never allergic to the weather. I was never admitted to a hospital. I was able to do heavy exercises. I took care of my health quite well. I did not drink alcohol. I did not smoke. I did not like to eat fried foods. I made sure to have the five food groups, especially fruits and vegetables. I exercised regularly. I did not sleep late.

One thing that I was careless about was that I never had an annual physical check-up. Like I said, I had always been healthy. I was never ill, even with small things. I never had a check-up.

Then, I started experiencing unusual symptoms.   

However, I did not know that they signaled a disease. My feet were swollen, but I thought it was because I stood for too long. My hair fell out, but I thought it was because I took showers with too hot water. My skin was red and burned easily when I came back to Thailand (I discovered the disease when I was aboard), but I thought it was because I was not used to the weather. I was fatigued, had low fever, got tried easily, had foamy urine, frequently had cramps, and had trigger finger. Everything did not occur all at once. I started to get sick when I was 26 years old. The symptoms started with having low fever for about a week. I took paracetamol, but it did not get better. Then, I felt fatigued. I felt weak and had shortness of breath. I went to the see the doctor. The doctor asked me questions and found many bruises on my skin. My feet were also very swollen. So the doctor asked me to have a thorough blood test and urinary test, which found that I had the disease.

What was the most serious illness? How was it?

I started from having a fever for many consecutive days. Then, I had difficulty breathing. I did not rush to go to the hospital. I took paracetamol because it was near the appointment. Eventually, I had to go because I had a very hard time breathing. When I went there, the doctor x-rayed the lungs and found that there was a slight fluid in the lungs with infection because of the fever. After being admitted in the hospital for 2-3 days and receiving antibiotics, my symptoms did not improve. The doctor then performed lung endoscopy and lung biopsy for diagnosis. Later that night, I went to the bathroom and I could not breathe. I pressed the button to call the nurse and I was sent to ICU. The doctor and the nurses tried a respirator and asked me to breathe in, but I could not breath. So the doctor had to put a tube in my mouth. After that, I (my name is Put) became unconscious. My mother told me that while I was unconscious, I could not breathe because my lungs were infected with two viruses, which destroyed my lungs 100%. All the medicines that the hospital could give were given to me, but I did not respond to the treatment. I did not get better. All my blood vessels were punctured to receive the medication, including both hands, both feet, and groin. It still did not get better until my mother inquired about Cell Therapy. My symptoms did not get better or become worse with the first injection. I was still unconscious. With the second injection, I started to get better. Two days after that, I was conscious and all symptoms improved in order, until I could be discharged from the hospital. However, I still had to put on the respirator. The doctor told me to put it on for 3-6 months. While I was in ICU, the doctor gave me muscle relaxants so I wouldn’t reject the treatment. I could not walk and help myself. It was like being paralyzed. Someone had to carry me and I had use a wheelchair.

How did you find out about integrative medicine?

My mother found it. My mother’s friend who was a doctor told her about the treatment (integrative), but she was not very interested in looking for any information until I was seriously ill. All types of treatment methods were being considered to save my life. So I decided to receive this treatment because there was no other choice. The doctor at the hospital said that there was no hope left and we should prepare to count down. The nurse also said that I could not take anymore.

But, we still had a choice. Like I said before, I was given Mesenchymal stromal cells when I was in ICU. Then, when I got better and could go home, I went to receive the treatment at Absolute Health Integrative Medical Center with Dr. Chatchai and other doctors, including Dr. Nicholas who provides treatment and rehabilitation using Chiropractic medicine. I have done many things here, such as Quantum Treatment using QRS; Adjusting the body’s balance and reducing the pain using Quantum Physics; Hot Therapy to increase the oxygen and disinfect the body; and Chiropractic therapy to help with my walking. I did many things at the same time. I have been receiving the treatment for 4 months now.

How are the treatment results?

It is very good. I think I respond well with this treatment. The doctor at the hospital told me that I have to receive oxygenation for about 3-6 months while my lungs are recovering and it will take years for me to walk again. It has been 4 months now. I do oxygenation and I can walk now. I don’t get tired easily and I’m able to do many activities. I can drive and do light exercises. The doctor at the hospital is very surprised. The blood and urine results are getting better. It is almost 100% normal, which is quite fast when compared with other patients whose illnesses are not even very serious.

Now, I take care of myself by taking the medicines strictly and being aware of food, sunlight, and all kinds of chemicals that might be precipitating factors for the disease to occur again. I try to avoid those things.

Have you ever been discouraged about your illness?

No, because I believe that there is a way for treatment. I am confident in the medical industry and in science. I believe in evolution, but it is only a matter of finding it or not. I also believe that even if I do not receive treatment that will completely cure me, other people definitely will in the future.

“Please give words of encouragement to other patients that there are still other alternative treatments for us to become healthy”

Do not give up and become stressful. This disease needs good encouragement. Look at me. It was very serious. Everyone said I would not make it but I did. I recovered very fast. By receiving the integrative treatment and hospital treatment at the same time, the symptoms will get better. You can have a normal life like other people. So do not give up. There is a treatment, but we should take care of ourselves well too.

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