Tips for Health Care Khun (Jik) Naowarat Yuktanan

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Tips for Health Care Khun (Jik) Naowarat Yuktanan
Tips for Health Care Khun (Jik) Naowarat Yuktanan

Khun Jik (Naowarat Yuktanan) is someone who takes very good care of herself, which matches the concept of beauty from the inside to out, including good physical health and radiant and youthful skin. We have asked about her healthcare tips for you. Health is important. We must invest in health, give attention, and give it time. Make yourself cheerful, be in a good mood, have no stress, and be mindful.  

First, do not be afraid of anything that happens in your life. You have to take good care of yourself because we need happiness for our heart to pump and fully function. If you are stressed, your body will become sad and everything will become worse.

Today, I give myself fully to work. Believe it or not, my career is very tiring. My life is full of work with no rest. I have only 2-3 hours of sleep each day and I don’t sleep on time as well, which can affect my health in the future. For example: Blood circulation might become poor. So I have to drink lots of water. No matter how much water we drink, it is not enough. I have to take care of myself by other methods as well. Since I started working, I have been afraid of dying. The scariest thing is going to the hospital and seeing the doctor for surgery, injection, or taking medicine. It goes round in cycle.

Taking regular oral medication for example. If you ask me whether it will cure you or not, the answer is yes but you have to take it every day. I do not like to take medicine, so I have to take special care of myself. I have to find some helpers and alternatives. Therefore, I consulted Absolute Health from the recommendation of my friend.

I went to Absolute Health Integrative Medical Center. The center has given me information about how to take care of myself in terms of prevention before getting ill and how to enhance the immunity to strengthen the body, including holistic treatment when being sick, how to correct the disease at the cause, how to avoid the use of medication and chemicals, and how to have a holistic physical check-up that helps to assess the body function in all systems and organs using Quantum Scan. This machine will scan your body to check its condition and you will know the results quicker than with getting your blood taken.   

Also, it can tell the condition of your body and the amount of toxins in it. After scanning my body, the staff asked if I had silver fillings because there was a lot of lead and toxins in my body. The machine can also identify any food allergies, like wheat flour or peanuts. So, I do not eat peanuts and avoid food with peanuts. If I accidentally eat it, I will be very itchy. I used to think that my skin was dry and cracked, but it was not true. I was unaware of my food allergy. When I let it go, it started to cause inflammation in my body without me knowing it. After that, I did other treatments. I tried H.O.T Therapy to disinfect the blood stream and enhance the immunity to strengthen the body. 100-200 CC of my blood was drawn, passed through oxygen and UV light, and injected into my body again. My feeling when I saw my blood was drawn out was that I felt very bad because I thought I was healthy and took care of myself very well. But it was not true. My blood was very thick. When thick blood is in our body, blood circulation is poor. It can also indicate the incidence of many diseases. For example: Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. So I think that I should prevent them before getting ill. Now, I am going to have a “Food Allergy Test”, which is a test for the reaction or sensitivity of the body to food. Simply said, it is a test for food allergy reactions to determine which types of food you are allergic to so that you can avoid them. For example: Some people are allergic to milk. Some people are allergic to flour. It depends on the body of each person.

Currently, many people have food allergy problems. Some people have a reaction or allergy from smelling or skin contact. It starts from rashes and hives, which can affect the health. Sometimes, we have an illness that doesn’t go away and becomes a chronic illness. But when we have an in-depth diagnosis, we find out it’s a food allergy. Some people have dormant allergies. Moreover, it is because the food that we eat now has chemicals or flavoring agents. It’s also because we preserve food in many ways. Also, people have very low immunity now because we do not exercise and we take care of ourselves poorly. Therefore, the “Food Allergy Test” is necessary so that we can be aware and not contact food in any way that can cause health problems.

More importantly, I have been studying about the basics of food intolerance. It can cause negative effects to our heath. For example: Chronic headache, migraine, attention deficit disorder, nasal congestion, runny nose, asthma, muscle pain, and abnormalities in the immune system, such as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Also, some women might try to lose some weight but are unsuccessful. I will tell you the result later. As for me, I like the new methods of treatment. I like the correct and proper methods that can make me strong, so that we have good energy in our current life and a beautiful smile. We should make our life better and walk in the right direction, which is to love your life a lot. Then, your life will become successful in anything, including health.

Be conscious of your health and handle it well. When we are sick, do not be afraid. All diseases that occur can disappear with the proper treatment.

Another method that I practice regularly is exercising. I have exercise postures that I can do on my own. When I have free time on the set or at home, I will always do them. I also eat healthy food. As I’ve gotten older, I avoid having strong-flavored food, like too salty food, too sweet food, or too spicy food. It is not good for your health. Flour foods should be avoided as well because it can make you fat. Lastly, I am a volunteer. I give encouragement to others. I would like to say something to all volunteers. Volunteers are people with clean minds who are ready to work with other people, such as people who are ill or have bad health. They need good words and smiles for encouragement, which is like medicine that can make them laugh and bring happiness in their life.

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