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Medicinal Respiratory Air Wins Award in Dubai!
German start-up receives the SENSES Innovation Award in Burj al Arab

Receiving the SENSES Innovation Award could be the international breakthrough that the German biotechnology start-up company from North-Rhine Westphalia has been waiting for. The prestigious Wellness and Spa prize was awarded yesterday in the Hotel Burj al Arab in Dubai in the presence of around 300 selected guests from the worlds of business and politics. Its revolutionary therapeutic method, developed in Germany under the company's own patent and which is in competition with the pharmaceutical industry, thereby gains the attention of a sector that is rapidly expanding in parallel to the conventional health system.

The criteria for awarding the 18th SENSES Wellness Award were that the innovation must be holistic and sustainable. Around 200 members of a jury made up of international health experts and the operators of exclusive Wellness and Spa resorts decided to award the prize to a technology that enriches atmospheric air with energy so that, when it is inhaled, it promotes self-healing processes throughout the body.

The technology does not involve increasing the amount of oxygen, ionising it or adding ozone. Instead it is based on a process similar to photosynthesis that works using artificial sunlight and specially-developed catalysts and without burdening the body with any foreign substances. Users simply put on a discreet nasal cannula, through which they breathe the air from the device for about 20 minutes.
  "The potential of this Spirovital treatment is comparable to that of photovoltaics. The difference is that the energy that is produced does not come out of an electrical socket but goes directly into each individual cell of the body – and this is measurable. Following the official approval of our device as a certified medical device and the recognition received from the European Health & SPA Award 2010, the Innovation Award helps us to draw even more attention to our small energy source. We hope that in the age of the Internet this will help us to establish more confidence, such as that required for the acceptance of solar power. Of course our new technology does not only have its proponents but also its opponents, especially when sceptics and Western scientists only look at it theoretically and question the little-researched potential of the interaction between sunlight and chlorophyll without giving it a fair trial. The downside of the Internet is that detractors, who are often anonymous, spread a lot of negative disinformation about our method and its effects, simply ignoring the experiences of millions of users, and thus obstruct our scientific efforts to establish how it works," says Guido Bierther, the founder of the Airnergy company in Hennef near Bonn. "Germany is a difficult country in which to establish such an innovative health technology. We have already come up against a lot of opposition and will, no doubt, continue to do so. But this award is a great validation for us and gives us the strength to continue with our honest and sincere hard work and the success stories we hear from our customers and patients, who have used this holistic treatment, make it all worthwhile".

Link; http://en.airnergy.com/news/top-news/news-details/article/medicinal-respiratory-air-wins-award-in-dubai/index.html
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