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In today’s world we face an increased risk of toxin accumulation in our body. Toxic substances can enter our body via direct contamination of the water we drink or bathe in, the air we breathe and the food we eat, since we use more chemical substances in every step of our food chain. Using fossil energy also creates air pollution, especially in metropolitan areas. Secondly, a series of toxins come from our daily cooking process, especially when we cook protein enriched food i.e. meat and poultry. Heating protein will create heterocyclic amine and we’ve found that heterocyclic amine is a potent carcinogen and causes DNA damage to a greater extent than earlier thought. Even though we try to avoid meat, a recent study revealed that healthier food like grilled salmon still has some level of heterocyclic amine - enough for having carcinogenicity. The third series of toxins come from our own metabolic processes which create metabolic waste products and also the function of the liver itself when liver metabolizes harmless organic substances it may also produce heterocyclic amine as a by-product.
  When our body accumulates more and more toxins, our natural body detoxification process will become less and less effective. The Intercellular matrix will become congested with different kinds of toxin. A congested matrix blocks the intercellular connection pathway and the messenger molecule (i.e. hormone, peptide) from the bloodstream cannot reach the target cell, so the target cell cannot function or accept control from the neurovegetative center. This will lead to degenerative disease such as Type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, liver disease or cancer.

AH detox™ offers intensive detoxification programs including intravenous detoxification, multiple vitamin mega-dose infusion, homeopathy, homotoxicology, heavy metal detoxification, free radical quenching, liver detoxification etc.
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Absolute Health : Integrative Medicine
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