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AH Screening Plus date
Absolute Health has developed comprehensive screening programs using an integrative approach to assess predisposition to various degenerative disease including Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Cerebrovascular Disease, Renal Disease etc. We use conventional laboratory testing plus energetic screening as well as the cutting-edge technology of Molecular Gene Testing.

If heart disease is a concern, we will evaluate not only your cholesterol and triglyceride levels but also emerging risk factors for heart disease such as homocysteine, lipoprotein (a), hs C-reactive protein, fibrinogen and other clotting parameters.
  Blood tests can be performed to measure levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and thyroid hormones. This will help your doctor determine whether you suffer from hormone deficiencies that could increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, or other ailments. Bone density screening using impedance analyzer will reveal the density and strength of your bones. To identify insulin resistance (a risk factor for type 2 diabetes), your doctor will review your fasting blood glucose, HDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, blood pressure, and weight.

All of the information gathered from your history and physical examination as well as these and other noninvasive tests will be used to create your personalized treatment program.
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Absolute Health : Integrative Medicine
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