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Allergy and Autoimmune Disease
Conventional treatment for allergy and autoimmune disease comprises medications that suppress the inflammation caused by allergic reaction and autoimmune reaction. Some drugs can also modify the course of disease and prevent disability. However, lengthy use of medication can cause serious adverse effects and require ever more potent medications which are also more toxic to our body.
  Absolute Health has developed naturopathic therapy for allergy and autoimmune disease in order to neutralize the immune system as well as desensitization for certain abnormal immunologic conditions. This can be done along with conventional methods until the disease process gradually improves and calms down. Then we can decrease or discontinue certain toxic conventional medications. In many cases, severe autoimmune disease that fails to respond to maximum medical treatment can be induced to a state of remission by using our advanced desensitization and immune modulation protocol.
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Absolute Health : Integrative Medicine
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